2016 Meetings

Meetings are held at the Williamsburg Community Library

300 W. State Street (Lower Level)

Meetings begin at 7pm on the 3rd Monday of each month.

January 18th  – Library 7pm

February 15th – Library 7pm

March 21st – Library 7pm

April 2nd Workshop with Jo Fifield: Introducing the Big Stitch

April 18th – Library 7pm, PMS: Community sewing Friday 22nd at 5pm at Methodist Church

May 16th – Library 7pm

June 20th – Library 6:30; PMS: Community sewing Friday 24th at 5pm at Methodist Church

July 18th- Library 7pm

August 15th- Library 7pm

September 19th- Charity sewing at 1pm at Methodist Church

October 17th – Highland Ridge; Members bring 1 dozen cookies

November 21st – Library 7pm

December 12th – Location to be determined